Who We Are

Our team of Student Agencies Tutors consists of undergraduate and graduate Ivy League students from across a wide range of majors. Each tutor has progressed through our selective application and training process and is dedicated to giving back by equipping high school students with the effective strategies and behavioral skills to reach their full potential.

How We Can Help

As Ivy League students who have succeeded through the college application process, we bring unique and valuable perspectives through:

  • Mentorship - Each tutor passes along their proven mindset so you can strive for success with invaluable guidance and advice. 

  • Expertise - With average SAT and ACT section scores of 780 and 35 respectively, our tutors have mastered the concepts across both tests.  

  • Empathy - Harnessing our recent experiences, we are here to help you through each step of the process and understand your struggles, first-hand.  

Why We Want To Help

As a non-profit organization with a mission tied to education, our goal is to equip aspiring high school students with the tools and mindset to successfully navigate the increasingly complex college admissions process. 

In addition to helping students achieve their full potential to gain admission to some of the top universities, we encourage each student to develop a genuine purpose for their long-term path. In turn, our team at Student Agencies Tutoring empowers each student to succeed throughout the journey to college and beyond.