College Application Comprehensive Prep

Application Development

Between numerous deadlines, supplemental materials, and strategic decisions, the college application process is challenging for any one person to handle alone. Fortunately, we are here to help. 

Our team of knowledgeable tutors and mentors is experienced at helping clients navigate the Common App and school-specific applications, supplemental essays, admissions interviews, and other complex elements of the application process. We will pair you directly with an experienced tutor who will work tirelessly with you to manage each component of your application. 

By the end of our program, your application will be highly professional and help you stand out to admissions officers by threading your numerous skills, experiences, and accolades together into a refined storyline.  

Essay Development

The college essay is your opportunity to distinguish yourself from the pack. In 650 words, you have the chance to tie your skills, experiences, and accomplishments together to bring your story to life for the college admissions committee. 

A great essay starts with a unique idea. Having recently progressed through the college application process, our tutors have a fresh understanding of how to work with students to harness that standout idea to cultivate a thematic and well-structured essay. We are here at each step of the way to help you brainstorm, develop, and refine your story. 

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1 Hour

Pricing: $60/hr

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5 Hours

Pricing: $55/hr

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10 Hours

Pricing: $50/hr

20 Hours

Pricing: $40/hr

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