5 Things to Do During Your Junior Year

Want to get ahead of the curve and be well-prepared to tackle the college process? Here are five things to do your junior year of high school that will set you ahead and on the right path.

  1. Run for leadership positions in the clubs and student organizations that you are currently involved in. Colleges admissions officers want student leaders -- high school students that have proven themselves to improve and engage with the community around them. If you have a track record of being a leader and making an impact, then admissions officers will believe you’ll do the same once you get to their campus. College applications are about showing what value you can add, and strong leadership is a great facet to contribute!

  2. Work your hardest and earn the best grades you’ve had so far in high school. College admission offices want to see an upwards trend in your transcript, so it’s crucial that the grades you earn improve each quarter or semester. Having great marks, and ones that are on an upward trend, during your junior year and senior year show that you will continue getting excellent grades once you get to college, which is exactly what admissions officers want to see. This is especially applicable to students who may have had a rocky start when transitioning into high school. Admissions officers understand that not every 14 year old freshman has their eyes set on a competitive college right off the bat. This will show that you have grown and matured as a student and that you are able to focus on and attain your goals.

  3. Study for the standardized tests. The more time you give yourself to study and prepare, the more chances you’ll get to take the exam and thus increase the likelihood of getting an awesome score. The last thing you want is to push off the SAT or ACT until senior year, and realize you’ll need months more of studying, preparation, and test-taking in order to achieve the scores you’ll need to get into your dream school.

  4. Spend time with your teachers. Your current teachers might be the ones writing recommendations for college application, and you’ll want to have established a strong, personal connection with them. This way, they’ll know you well and be able to write a stellar recommendation. Furthermore, spending time with teachers to chat, go over your classroom performance, or think about ways to improve, shows that you are a driven, motivated student who is trying their best to succeed in their class. Having this rappore with your teacher will only help you, especially if you are in between two grades at the end of the semester.

  5. Have fun! High school only comes around once. While the college application process may seem like the most important thing on your plate as you approach senior year, it definitely does not require 100% of your time and energy in order to succeed at it. Spend time with your friends and family, relax, and enjoy where you are at in life.