Questions to Ask on a College Tour

Starting to tour colleges, but not sure how to make the most out of your college visits? Look no further! S.A.T. tutors have your back. Here are some questions to get you started and deepen your understanding of the colleges you visit.

Student and Social Life:

  • What are the most popular ways that students socialize on campus?

  • Do you feel like there are enough student clubs to fit everyone’s interest?

  • Is it easy to start a club at this school?

  • What percentage of the student population would you say you know?

  • How many clubs do most students partake in? Do you have any advice for juggling multiple clubs?

  • What do most students do on the weekends?


  • What is the average class size?

  • Have you ever had a time where you were struggling in a class and the professor wasn’t available to help you?

  • What was the worst class you’ve taken and why?

  • What was the best class you’ve taken and why?

  • Where do you go for academic support?

  • Do you feel like students are there to support or compete with each other?

  • Do you ever feel limited by the options available to you in terms of classes and majors?

Campus Life:

  • Do you feel safe walking around campus alone at night?

  • How are the dining halls? Do you feel they accommodate the dietary restrictions of most students? 

  • How involved are students in the nearby community (beyond on campus-activities?)

  • What are your favorite weekend activities?

These questions are just a few places to start off if you are not sure exactly what to ask. Going into a tour with a few pre-prepared questions can be helpful, but pay attention to what the tour guide says. Think of some questions specific to the particular institutions. More often than not, your tour guide will not mind exchanging email information at the end of the tour, to answer any questions you have after your visit! If you have any other great questions you have to share, feel free to leave them in the comment section. Happy touring!